The Junior Program is for students entering the 3rd & 4th grade. Their day begins in a full group music experience and then moves on to varied classes in theater, movement, visual and multi- media arts. Juniors may now indicate their preference of the four latter offerings. A teaching assistant guides them from class to class. This program is designed to offer students the freedom to participate in all of the arts that SFOA offers, while still recognizing the specific needs of younger artists. Half day option is available.

*SFOA recognizes that some children may experience performance anxiety and find it difficult participating in the public performance of a particular class. It is the policy of SFOA that no student be compelled to perform with his or her group. However it is expected that the child remain with and support his or her peers while they rehearse/practice. An alternative, non-performing activity may be offered to that student during the time their peer group is rehearsing, at the discretion of the administration.



Please note: all classes are subject to change


Poetry SLAM!- Poetry slam is all about the awesome power of words! Juniors will practice writing their own material and performing it out loud using acting skills and rhythms. We will study different kinds of poems and poetic usages, and students who wish to participate will perform their own written work at Junior Finale. (Writing ~ Instructor Natalie Rogers)

A Festival of Fish- New this year! Fun and colorful fish - real and imagined - will be our subjects.  Painting, mosaics, and paper mache will be our methods. (Visual Art ~ Instructor Anna Walker)

Making Found Instruments- in this class, we will use our imagination to turn junk and simple materials into musical instruments. We will make a variety of instruments in closing percussion, woodwind, string, and others not defined by conventional categories. After we make our instruments, we will orchestrate a few short songs and dances to perform. (Movement ~ Instructor Jeremy Cline)


Movin’ and Groovin’- Learn, create and share all sorts of unique dance techniques. Together we will choreograph a performance where you can show off your favorite moves. Move your body, use your energy, and spend some time outside in the sunshine! (Movement ~ Instructor Dylan Billings)

Everyday Art- We will repurpose everyday items you can find around the house: magazines, popsicle sticks, paper bags, and old CDs (will become self portraits), card games, crazy animals and much much more. (Visual Art ~ Instructor Caresse Hanson)

Picture This!- New This Year! In this class, students will learn the basics of storytelling. We will create storyboards, learn about the history of illustration, and share some of our favorite children's books. By the end of class, each student will have authored and illustrated an entire picture book of their own. The books will then be bound and students will have the option of sharing their work with other members of the SFOA community. (Writing ~ Instructor Olivia Wolf)


The Art of AcadiaBeauty is in the eye of the beholder, and each experience is unique to the individual and his/her perspective.  With Acadia National Park as inspiration, we will use multiple different media including plein-air drawing and painting, photography, observational writing, and journaling, to examine the individual in relation to Acadia and the greater natural world.  We will gain insight along the way by looking at other artists and writers who have used Acadia as inspiration or as idyllic summer escape(Writing/Multi-Media ~ Instructor Will Hoar)

Art Journaling- New This Year! We will take discarded library books and turn them into works of art without lifting a pencil. NO WRITING REQUIRED. Using collage, paper folding, pockets, and print-making, we will express ourselves and what we love on each page. (Visual Art ~ Instructor Caresse Hanson) 

Choose Your Own Adventure Theater- New This Year! Each day is a new adventure in this fun and creative theater class! Students will explore the basics of improvisation and design a play of their very own that changes and grows over the course of camp! (Theater ~ Instructor Dylan Billings)


Super Hero Theater- Back by popular demand! Be a part of the ultimate superhero show. Campers will invent their own superheroes and help write the plot of a dramatic and action packed performance. (Theater ~ Instructor Dylan Billings)

Art: What is it and What Can it Be? We will explore and try to define what constitutes art.  We will examine different periods, media and Cultures (everything from Cycladic Sculpture and Caravaggio to Cindy Sherman) and use these references as inspiration as we get our hands dirty and experiment with multiple different media including: painting, drawing, collage, mosaic, sculpture and multimedia installation.(Visual Art ~ Instructor Will Hoar)

Shadow Puppet Theater- In this class we will make shadow puppets, sock puppets, props and backdrops for use in our Shadow Puppet Theater Finale.  There's something for everyone: art, design, crafting, script writing, manipulating  puppets, acting, and more. (Theater ~ Instructor Susan Peterson)


Junior Music- All Juniors come together for Junior Music at the end of the day. Not just choral singing, this music class will feature listening to different styles of music, as well as creating and playing simple instruments. (Music ~ Instructor Annie Leonardi-Merchant)


Young Authors Camp! (additional $50 fee) Just can't get enough writing in your life? Check out this special program, in Partnership with the University of Maine's "Maine Writing Project." Certified Maine teachers use a workshop model where writing springs from campers' interests, experiences, and wonderings. Juniors can choose to participate in this special program during Week 2 of camp (also open to Seniors entering grade 5). After camp, writing samples will be published in an anthology available for purchase on Go to the Young Authors Camp page for more details.

Call us if you have any questions about the class descriptions! We’re here to help! SFOA is fortunate to welcome teaching artists who are professionals in their fields. Sometimes their schedules change on short notice and ours may too. If a class is canceled or changed, we will contact you and do our best to place you in a similar class.