The Senior Program is designed for students entering 5th thru 9th grade. Seniors choose from over 30 classes in all areas of the arts, creating their own unique schedules that best represent their interests. Some classes are designed for specific age and/or experience. Half-day programs are also available consisting of a maximum of three consecutive classes. **Please note all classes are subject to change. **




Take a chance and try some dance! (this means you, boys!). Our offerings this year include many new and different styles... you never know which one will be perfect for you! (*New classes this year.)

*Special Topics: Dance- This very special class will feature a variety of visiting Guest Artists to guide students through difference experiences each week of SFOA. In Week One, students will work with NYC dance teacher and SFOA Alum Meghan Frederick to experiment with improvisation- making up moves on the spot, and with choreography- planning moves ahead of time. In Week Two, students will work with Deb Andrews and the Vaulters of MDI to learn equestrian vaulting (gymnastics on a horse!) In Week Three, students will work with Susan Peterson for a special return of last year's popular class Lip Sync Jam Dance! (period 1) Instructors Meghan Frederick, Deb Andrews, and Susan Peterson.

Flash Mob/Mannequin Challenge- Dance, act, sing, and surprise people on the SFOA campus and beyond with a variety of entertaining flash mobs. This class will feature numerous field trips. (period 2) Instructor Tami Willis

*Hip HopHip hop is a cultural art which includes dance, music, poetry, visual art, and knowledge. It's purpose is freedom, community, self-expression, and peace from conflict. This class will be strongly focused on dance, but we will also make simple music, write songs and freestyle rhyme, draw graffiti-style art, and learn about the history of the form. Bring shoes to dance in. (period 2) Instructor Jeremy Cline

*Circus Arts- No lion taming, flying trapeze, or sword swallowing, here, but we will learn the more artistic and less dangerous arts of juggling, diablo, devils-stick, hand-balancing, mime, clown, balance, dance for circus, and acrobatics. No prior circus knowledge required but creativity and patience is! (period 3) Instructor Jeremy Cline

*Capoeira- an African-Brazilian art which combines dance, martial arts, acrobatics, and music. Capoeira is played as a game in a ritual circle and emphasizes community, harmony, and philosophy of living. This class will be fun and lots of exercise! Bring tennis shoes for class. (period 5) Instructor Jeremy Cline

Writing/Media Arts

Expand the limits of your artistic expression! From photography to writing to scientific explorations, this area has something for everyone. (*new classes this year)

*Mad ScienceDesign the perfect dastardly device for world domination. We will brainstorm nefarious plots, draw schematics and build scale models of our terrible machines. (period 1) Instructor Dylan Billings

*Photography- From selfies to landscapes of Acadia to photographic storytelling, students will practice basic digital photography skills while using popular technology. We will begin to learn the basics of photography (aperture, shutter speed, ISO etc.) while exploring both Landscape and Portrait photography. This class will incorporate lots of outdoor time and field trips. (period 2) Instructor Will Hoar

        *A Part of the Press- Students will learn the fundamentals of journalism in this engaging and lively class; how to interview, research, and craft an article. After venturing out and finding the necessary material, students will learn about peer editing and the art of giving constructive criticism. The articles produced by the class will then be stitched together into a small paper which will be distributed throughout the SFOA community. (period 3) Instructor Olivia Wolf

Cymbal- show the world what SFOA can do! Collect writing, art, photos and more from everyone at SFOA, then create the perfect Tumblr account that uses your artistic eye to show off the fun of SFOA to the cyber community. (period 4) Instructor Natalie Rogers

*My Fantasy World- In this class, we will craft short stories about magical characters from lands both similar and different from our own. The fundamentals of story structure will be taught through a variety of creative exercises that are both engaging and fun. Students will participate in a peer-editing process and have the option of taking part in a program during which they read their story aloud. (period 4) Instructor Olivia Wolf

*Young Authors Camp! (additional $50 fee) Just can't get enough writing in your life? Check out this special program, in Partnership with the University of Maine's "Maine Writing Project." Certified Maine teachers use a workshop model where writing springs from campers' interests, experiences, and wonderings. Seniors can choose to participate in this special program during Week 2 of camp. After camp, writing samples will be published in an anthology available for purchase on Go to the Young Authors Camp page for more info. (periods 1 and 2/OPEN TO GRADES 3-5 ONLY) Instructor Barbara Keene

Me in My World: A TimecapsuleWe will look within and out in this exploration of self discovery.  We will use Photography, Drawing, Video and Voice Recording in addition to journaling, interviewing and researching in order to gain a better understanding of who we are; where we are; where we came from and ponder our future.  In the end, we will each have a time-capsule portfolio that we will seal to be opened by an older version of ourselves sometime in the future. (period 5) Instructor Will Hoar


Use your voice or your favorite instrument to make some beautiful music with your fellow classmates... or rock out on your solo! All experience levels welcome. NOTE: With the exception of percussion, all students must bring their own instruments. Please contact the SFOA office if this is a problem. (*new classes this year)

SFOA’cappella - A crowd favorite at last year’s Finale! Sing in tight                     harmony, learn basic vocal percussion techniques, and let the varied song styles keep you singing! (period 1) Instructor Vivian Hyde

Rock Band- If you play an instrument come join the band! This ensemble is for Singers, Guitarists, Bass players, Drummers, Pianists, and Horns of any kind. We will emphasize playing by ear (rather than written notes) and creating our own arrangements. Music will be chosen according to who is in the band and what music we love!(period 2) Instructor Ron Castonguay

*Intro to FiddlingCalling all violinists and fiddle players! Come learn the art of traditional fiddle music, including reels, jigs, and hornpipes.  No prior experience is required, but please be sure to bring a violin! (period 3) Instructor Camille Ross

Jazz Band- If you play an instrument come join the band! With an emphasis on jazz music, this ensemble is for musicians of any kind who want to learn more about jazz. We will emphasize playing by ear (rather than written notes) and creating our own arrangements. Music will be chosen according to who is in the band and what music we love! (grades 6-10 only/period 4) Instructor Ron Castonguay

*Beyond Beginner Ukulele- This course is aimed at Seniors who either have taken the beginners ukulele class, or have prior experience playing on their own. In this class we will explore some more complex chords and fun strumming patterns that will take students' playing to a whole new level! Students are invited to play, sing along, and maybe even learn songs to perform on their own or in small groups. Students will need their own ukulele and be ready to learn and have fun! (grades 6-10 only/period 5) Instructor Meghan McDunnah


Ready for your 15 minutes of fame? Enjoy the glare of the spotlight in your eyes? Then theater classes are where it’s at! Put on a full show in Musical Theater, hone your improvisational skills, or stage an epic battle in LARPing... there’s something for everyone!(*new classes this year)

*Improvisational TheatreIn the realm of "Improv Acadia" and "Whose Line is it Anyway?"  you will learn games and scenes that support you thinking on your feet with a Chicago improviser.  Work as a team, play, express and act faster than your brain can imagine.  Be yourself and create! (period 1) Instructor Nicole Cardano

Show Choir- Singing, dancing, costumes, set pieces, and more! Come learn what it takes to make a musical into a 15 minute show full of singing and dancing. (period 3) Instructors Annie Leonardi-Merchant and Vivian Hyde

Musical Theater- Challenge yourself to put on a complete musical show in only three weeks! This year our performance will be TBA. This performance ends our Finale weekend on a high note, and is always a crowd favorite! *Please note that this class is now a double period. (period 3-4) Instructors Annie Leonardi-Merchant and Vivian Hyde

LARPing- Back by popular demand! Live Action Role Play…kingdoms, mystery, staged battles...create the story, props, costumes... and then put them into action! Customize a foam sword and prepare for adventure. Colorful duct tape recommended. This class will incorporate time outside! (period 5) Instructor Dylan Billings

*Circus Arts- No lion taming, flying trapeze, or sword swallowing, here, but we will learn the more artistic and less dangerous arts of juggling, diablo, devils-stick, hand-balancing, mime, clown, balance, dance for circus, and acrobatics. No prior circus knowledge required but creativity and patience is! (period 3) Instructor Jeremy Cline

Visual Arts

Our visual art classes cover so many different areas that there is sure to be something you love! Stick with your favorites, or try something new. Fabric arts, sculpture, printmaking, body art... there’s something for every art lover! (*new classes this year)


Body Art- An exploration of artistic expression using the body. We will experiment with temporary tattoos, body painting, make-up artistry and movement. (grades 7-10 only/period 1) Instructors Kristin Holley and Paige LeDuc

*WatercolorThis class will focus on the basic techniques and methods of painting with watercolor. Students will work on painting things like landscapes, abstract shapes and colors, flowers, still lives, people and more. We'll cover a variety of learning activities that will be both fun and helpful! (period 1) Instructors Viera Boudreau and Meghan McDunnah

Fiber ArtsFrom Finger Knitting to Weaving to Building with Fabric, we'll explore fibers.  We will use yarn, fabric, string, even grass and feathers! Learn all your fiber skills here! (period 2) Instructor Anna Walker

*Fabulous Fan Art- In Fabulous Fan-Art, we will be learning how to take inspiration from our favorite movies, tv shows, video games and books in order to create our own original art! Learn to draw your favorite characters in new and exciting ways, and learn how to figure out what makes each character you love unique so that you can draw them accurately and recognizably. Please come armed with enthusiasm for your favorite characters and stories, and we'll be all set to make some amazing art! (period 2) Instructors Viera Boudreau and Meghan McDunnah

*Intro to Drawing- Intro to drawing will cover the basic skills of drawing from life. Students will draw things like still lives, nature, people, and more! We will discuss things like perspective, how to shade, and different fun ways of getting a picture onto paper. Students will also learn how to involve their whole bodies in the process! (period 3) Instructor Viera Boudreau

*Animal Origami- How many different animals do you think we can make just by folding paper? From the classic Crane to the Jumping Frog, we will make over a dozen different critters.  Maybe we'll even try the Elephant! (period 3) Instructor Anna Walker

*Advanced Drawing- This class is designed for those with some drawing background who want to sharpen their skills and expand their imagination. In addition to the drawing fundamentals of perspective, value shading, faces, figure drawing, and still life, we will work on expanding our personal voice as artists, draw outside from nature, and creatively reinterpret the world we see. Be prepared for a drawing adventure! (grades 7-10/period 4) Instructor Jeremy Cline

Print MakingDo you want to make your mark? We will have fun with Monoprints, Stamping, and Linoleum Block Printing! (period 4) Instructor Anna Walker

Sculpture- Want to build a tiny house? How about a four-foot-tall teacup?  Using mostly natural and recycled materials, we will build things large and small. (period 5) Instructor Anna Walker

*Intro to Character Design- This class will be an introduction to the world of creating original characters, where we will work from different fun prompts and concepts to inspire and challenge the students' creativity. Students will be shown how to create a character that is well-balanced, fun and personalized. Prompts could include things like funny people, scary monsters and more! The possibilities are endless. (period 5) Instructor Viera Boudreau

Call us if you have any questions about the class descriptions! We’re here to help! SFOA is fortunate to welcome teaching artists who are professionals in their fields. Sometimes their schedules change on short notice and ours may too. If a class is canceled or changed, we will contact you and do our best to place you in a similar class.