Teaching Artists


We are proud to introduce our 2020 Teaching Artists! A mix of youthful energy, experience, and passion for art and teaching, our Teaching Artists are all working artists in their fields. And see if you can count how many are SFOA alumni!

SFOA is fortunate to welcome teaching artists who are professionals in their fields. Sometimes their schedules change on short notice. As such, our teaching staff is always subject to change.

Dylan Billings is a former SFOA camper with a love of all forms of storytelling. A self-described master of improvised dance moves and thought provoking jokes, Dylan’s classes are always a lot of fun and a great chance to explore your creative, energetic side. (dance, theater, media art)

Molly Brown has more sketchbooks than Bar Harbor has parking meters. She fit a studio art minor and abroad arts experience into an already demanding speech pathology major because that’s just what crazy artists do. Molly has experience with a wide range of materials from watercolor to mod podge to gouache (are these even real words?). If you know Bella Brown here at SFOA, Molly is her older (and shorter) sister who serves as the yin to Bella’s yang. (visual arts)

Mary DeSimone is a rising 3rd year student at the University of Virginia, majoring in computer engineering. Mary loved every visual arts class she took as a student at SFOA, and now she brings that same enthusiasm to teaching her own art classes. This upcoming summer will be her 12th year with SFOA, and she looks forward to returning for many more! (visual arts)

Danielle DuBois is a 4th year student at Jacksonville University in Florida, currently working on a BFA in Theater. She has lived part-time on MDI her whole life, and was an SFOA student herself for five years, as well as an apprentice for one year. She is so excited to be back at SFOA this year teaching Sprites! (Sprite performance arts)

Caresse Hanson loves to create! She spends a lot of her free time knitting, being crafty, and hiking the trails of Acadia. Caresse grew up here on MDI and works at Conners Emerson School. She also serves on the SFOA Board of Directors. (visual art)

Kristin Holley is an educator, skin care specialist and make up artist who is passionate about empowerment and self expression. She holds a masters degree in social work, a minor in theatre arts and has been an aesthetician and make-up artist for 13 years. She also serves on the SFOA Board of Directors. (visual art)

Paige LeDuc is just a camper who stuck around so long she’s teaching classes now. This might happen to you too if you really love the camp- so watch out for that. Despite her odd fashion choices and informal tone, she takes art and teaching seriously and comes to SFOA with a deep respect for young artists. She has a bachelors in Early Childhood Education and bragging rights for last years SFOA T-shirt design. (visual arts)

Tennille Moore is a mathematics teacher at Mt. Desert Island High School. She has studied many forms of dance, beginning at an early age with classical ballet and then studying tap, modern, African, Jazz, highland, and Cape Breton Step. In addition to a mathematics degree, Tennille also has a music degree, playing many many instruments, including oboe and bagpipes. Her free time is spent enjoying time with her seven-year-old son. (music)

Natalie Rogers has been at SFOA for over 7 years as a student, apprentice, and now teacher. She specializes in creative writing, photography, and theater. She is currently a student at Spelman College studying education. (theater, media arts, writing)

Camille Ross is an SFOA alum, former Apprentice, and former Assistant. This will be Camille’s eighth year at SFOA. She is currently at Colby College studying environmental science and computer science. She loves music and teaching Sprite art class and is very excited to be returning to SFOA this summer! (Sprite visual arts)

Weslea Sidon is a poet, writer, musician, and educator who has taught at SFOA for over 25 years. She teaches private guitar lessons locally and is a published author. Originally from Brooklyn, she lives in Tremont with her husband and two cats. Weslea is also a long-standing member of the SFOA Board of Directors. (apprentices)

Isabella Wellman-Webster continuously danced, read, wrote, and performed through her childhood on Mount Desert Island. She spent her last year as a first-year student at St. Lawrence University, continuously grooving while beginning to pursue her love for creative writing and psychology. Isabella spent many summers at SFOA and is ecstatic to develop new movement and energy within the classroom setting. (dance, writing, movement)

Dezirae Zaman is among the MDI High School graduating class of 2020 with many years experience in performing arts including dance, drama, show choir, choreography, filmmaking and makeup design. Originally a camper at SFOA from age 8 to 14 followed by one year as apprentice and two years as assistant teacher, she is excited to be returning to SFOA as a teacher for the 2020 season. (dance, media arts, theater)

Assistants/Apprentices: (subject to change)

Bella Brown

Joshua Garland

Carolyn Graber

Aidan Scully

Alicia Thurston