9th Grade Intensive Program

9th Grade Intensive Program

(see the Senior Schedule for classes)

The 9th Grade Intensive Program is an opportunity for older students, serious about their art, to develop a focused and independent study. Students are mentored directly by a SFOA staff member, dedicating half their SFOA day to one media. Consider it "open studio time" with an SFOA teacher/mentor.

Here is a visual arts example: a student may arrange to spend periods 1, 2, & 5 with Paige LeDuc studying visual arts. Paige would be available for consultations, critiques, and oversight, but you would work independently as she conducts her regular classes. Or if performing arts is more your speed, do that periods 1, 2 and 5. NOTE that the classes you choose do not have to be consecutive. The same principle could work for other media: whether you are serious about composing and performing music... if your passion is painting...or if you want to spend your day dancing 'till your feet fall off!

Each 9th Grade Intensive will be designed by the student's interests and desires; SFOA administrators will then negotiate a project with a teacher who is willing and able to act as mentor for that student.

So if you are a rising 9th grader, consider this an invitation to let us know your special interest! We will contact you before schedules are confirmed to discuss feasibility and a personalized schedule that will work for you.