The Senior Program is designed for students entering 5th thru 9th grade. Seniors choose from a wide array of classes in all areas of the arts, creating their own unique schedules that best represent their interests. Senior classes allow older students to delve deeper into the art forms that they feel drawn to, while also having the opportunity to branch out and discover something new. Some classes are designed for specific age and/or experience. Half-day programs are also available consisting of a maximum of three consecutive classes.




SFOA is fortunate to welcome teaching artists who are professionals in their fields. Sometimes their schedules change on short notice and ours may too. If a class is canceled or changed, we will contact you and do our best to place you in a similar class. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

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Take a chance and try some dance! (this means you, boys!) Our offerings this year include many new and different styles... you never know which one will be perfect for you!

  • Equestrian Vaulting- Gymnastic, dance and horses together? Yes, it's equestrian vaulting! Learn how to do moves like flag, skater, special K, Gumby, swan, star, flamingo and many more on the practice barrels at MDIHS with field trips to the farm to try it on Rosie, our vaulting horse. Campers will create individual and doubles freestyle routines to music of their choice. Be challenged and have fun! (period 1) Instructors Deb and Cynthia Andrews, with Maddy Sargent
  • Hip Hop- In this high energy class we'll work on different elements of hip hop including popping, locking, and stomp. Students will help to choreograph their final dance piece and will be encouraged to add their own style and individuality to the dance moves. (period 2) Instructor Christina Longstreeth
  • Clogging- New this Year! Come learn the step dance of America. Straight from the heart of Appalachia, clogging was born from new Americans sharing the dance of their homelands. We'll use tap shoes, so if you have some bring them along, and if you don't, we'll get you outfitted. (period 3) Instructor Tennille Moore
  • Contemporary Workshop- Contemporary or Lyrical is a style of dance that combines elements of jazz, ballet, modern styles into really fun, abstract routines. In this workshop we'll work on basic techniques and learn a fun and quirky routine to perform. (period 4) Instructor Christina Longstreeth

Writing/Media Arts

Expand the limits of your artistic expression! From photography to writing to mixed media, this art form has something for everyone.

  • Photo Journalism- New this Year! A picture's worth a thousand words. What stories will you tell? In this class, seniors will learn to use digital photography to share their own experience of the world, and their time at SFOA! This class will feature multiple field trips. (period 1) Instructor Natalie Rogers
  • Board Game Design- New this Year! Let's make some board games together. We'll explore a variety of board game genres to expand your idea of what a board game can be. When we're done constructing our games, we'll test them and make improvements. Let's see what kind of creative games we can come up with! (period 2) Instructor Dylan Billings
  • Poetry and Prose- Did you enjoy Poetry Slam as a junior or are a senior student interested in creative writing? In this senior writing course, young artists will learn to use the power of words to express themselves, and will have the opportunity to perform their original work during senior finale! (period 2) Instructor Natalie Rogers
  • Pinhole Photography- New this Year! See the world through a different lens! In this class, seniors will have the opportunity to construct their own pinhole camera and take photos on film. This class will feature multiple field trips. (period 5) Instructor Natalie Rogers


Use your voice or your favorite instrument to make some beautiful music with your fellow classmates... or rock out on your solo! All experience levels welcome. NOTE: With the exception of percussion, all students must bring their own instruments. Please contact the SFOA office if this is a problem.

  • Instrumental Ensembles- New this Year! Have you played an instrument for a year or more? Ever wanted to play in a small group, duets... solos... ? Come join instrumental ensembles! You will need to bring your own instrument and be able to read music. (period 1) Instructor Tennille Moore
  • Rock Band- During the first week, we will learn about the different rock eras through numerous activities, pick our favorite time frame, and then learn our favorite songs. This is a beginner class for all musicians to rock out and learn to play their favorite rock and roll music! (period 2) Instructor Maddy Sargent
  • Show Choir- Sing, Dance, Express and Perform as an ensemble. Perform a short musical theater piece and have a blast! This year's Show Choir will be an all-new and re-imagined experience that you don't want to miss! (period 2) Instructor Nicole Cardano
  • Musical Theater- Challenge yourself to put on a complete musical show in only three weeks! This performance ends our Finale weekend on a high note, and is always a crowd favorite! Please note this class is a double period. (periods 3/4) Instructor Marguerite Suozzo-Gole


Ready for your 15 minutes of fame? Enjoy the glare of the spotlight in your eyes? Then theater classes are where it’s at! Put on a full show in Musical Theater, hone your improvisational skills, or stage an epic battle in LARPing... there’s something for everyone!

  • Improvisational Theatre- Think on your feet. In the realm of "Improv Acadia" and "Whose Line is it Anyway?" you will learn games and key improv theater skills. Play games and practice early scene work. Work as a team, play, express and act faster than your brain can imagine. Be yourself and create! (period 1) Instructor Nicole Cardano
  • Advanced Improvisational Theater- New this Year! Continue to heighten your improvisational theater skills through games and practice of listening and support. Expand your scene work and capacity to perform. Learn scene work, editing and YesAnd as an ensemble. This class is ideally for those that have already studied improvisational theater. (period 3) Instructor Nicole Cardano
  • LARPing- So popular we now offer this class for TWO periods! (no, you can't do both) Live Action Role Play…kingdoms, mystery, staged battles...create the story, props, costumes... and then put them into action! Customize a foam sword and prepare for adventure. Colorful duct tape recommended. This class will incorporate time outside! (periods 4 OR 5) Instructor Dylan Billings
  • Character Study: "Know Your Villain"- New this Year! Improve your performance depth by connecting to characters. Make personality choices based on new found awarenesses through theater and writing exercises. Learn how to make choices. A focus on the attributes of villains and what makes them human will be a part of our practice, as well as exploring other selected characters. (period 5) Instructor Nicole Cardano

Visual Arts

Our visual art classes cover so many different areas that there is sure to be something you love! Stick with your favorites, or try something new. Embroidery, sculpture, jewelry making, body art... there’s something for every art lover!

  • Body Art- An exploration of artistic expression using the body. We will experiment with temporary tattoos, body painting, make-up artistry and movement. (grades 6-10 only/period 1) Instructor Kristin Holley
  • Sculpture- Let your imagination run wild: use the technique of papier-mâché to make your own animals, puppets, masks, and other creations. In this class we will use paper, starch and paint to create three dimensional artworks. (period 3) Instructor Mary DeSimone
  • Origami- Learn that a simple square of paper has infinite potential with the art of Origami. We will work our way from simpler patterns to more complex challenges. This class can be a relaxing moment in the busy day as artists can settle into the folds for some peace of mind. (period 3) Instructor Paige LeDuc
  • Abstract Art- New this Year! We will learn to use our creativity to create unique and one of a kind pieces of artwork using paint and other types of media. In our artwork, we will show emotion, ideas, and a message through art. (period 4) Instructor Maddy Sargent
  • Sketchbook; New this Year! Learn to keep a beautiful unique personal sketchbook. With pencils, markers, a dash of paint, scraps, photos, and even a wildflower or two, you can combine collage with drawing and more to make a wonderful record of your art and your thoughts. Keeping a sketchbook is a great way to practice art in your daily life and this class will get you hooked on this fun creative habit! (period 4) Instructor Molly Brown
  • Beads and Things; New this Year! Beads, wire, pliers, string and more! Explore the materials and create unique and professional jewelry in this class. Artists will learn to work with jewelry making tools and create earrings, necklaces, bracelets and more. Even if you’ve never strung a bead on a necklace you can learn to make some amazing pieces in this class. (period 5) Instructor Paige LeDuc
  • Embroidery- Learn how to embroider flowers, sayings, and much more in this relaxing class. We will use needles and thread to express our artistry as we handcraft beautiful treasures! (period 5) Instructor Mary DeSimone

Call us if you have any questions about the class descriptions! We’re here to help!