The Senior Program is designed for students entering 5th thru 9th grade. Seniors choose from over 30 classes in all areas of the arts, creating their own unique schedules that best represent their interests. Some classes are designed for specific age and/or experience. Half-day programs are also available consisting of a maximum of three consecutive classes.

**Please note all classes are subject to change. **

SFOA is fortunate to welcome teaching artists who are professionals in their fields. Sometimes their schedules change on short notice and ours may too. If a class is canceled or changed, we will contact you and do our best to place you in a similar class.


View full bios for our Teaching Artists here


Take a chance and try some dance! (this means you, boys!). Our offerings this year include many new and different styles... you never know which one will be perfect for you!

  • Special Topics: Dance- This very special class will feature a variety of visiting Guest Artists to guide students through difference experiences each week of SFOA, including Deb Andrews and the Vaulters of MDI to learn equestrian vaulting (gymnastics on a horse!)... back by popular demand! Our other special guest teachers are still being booked but we promise they will be amazing! (period 1) Instructors Deb Andrews and TBA
  • Flash Mob/Mannequin Challenge- Dance, act, pose, and surprise people on the SFOA campus and beyond with a variety of entertaining flash mobs. This class will feature numerous field trips. (period 2) Instructor Susan Peterson
  • Contemporary Workshop- New this year! Contemporary or Lyrical is a style of dance that combines elements of jazz, ballet, modern styles into really fun, abstract routines. In this workshop we'll work on basic techniques and learn a fun and quirky routine to perform. (period 3) Instructor Christina Longstreeth
  • Hip Hop- New this year! In this high energy class we'll work on different elements of hip hop including popping, locking, and stomp. Students will help to choreograph their final dance piece and will be encouraged to add their own style and individuality to the dance moves. (period 4) Instructor Christina Longstreeth

Writing/Media Arts

Expand the limits of your artistic expression! From photography to writing to mixed media, this area has something for everyone.

  • Cymbal- Help organize and catalogue the art created at SFOA 2018 through our Tumblr page! Students will learn to design and format the Cymbal blog, as well as write their own blog posts about their experiences at camp. (period 1) Instructor Natalie Rogers
  • Virtual Reality 3D Photography- New this year! Did you know that 3D photography was invented over 100 years ago? It was! The technique used back then is the same one used today in Virtual Reality headsets– if you’re interested in creating your own immersive 3D images, this is the class for you! And you don’t even need a special camera! Anyone can create 3D images using any photo-taking device, and in this class, we’re going to learn how. Students should come to class with some form of digital camera (cell phone cameras are fine), and if possible, a corresponding USB cord for uploading images onto the computer for editing. (period 2) Instructor Meghan McDunnah
  • Poetry and Prose- New this year! Did you enjoy Poetry Slam as a junior or are a senior student interested in creative writing? Sign up for Senior Poetry and Prose to get your creative juices flowing through meditative individual writing, collaborating on pieces with classmates, and even performing your written word at senior finale! (period 3) Instructor Natalie Rogers
  • Mixed Up Photography- New this year! Who said art is only painting or drawing? Who said art can't be a bunch of different things glued over a photograph of your best friend's face? In Mixed Up Photography, we'll be combining the fun of crafts with the art of photography! We'll explore what makes something "art", and how much fun we can have while making it! Students will look at collage and cut paper art, and even get to use things like glue and beads! Come prepared with a camera (a phone will do, it doesn't need to be fancy!) and the desire to have fun and make a mess! (period 5) Instructor Viera Boudreau


Use your voice or your favorite instrument to make some beautiful music with your fellow classmates... or rock out on your solo! All experience levels welcome. NOTE: With the exception of percussion, all students must bring their own instruments. Please contact the SFOA office if this is a problem.

  • SFOA Jazz Combos- New this year! Musicians will learn to play combo jazz. Groups of 4-5 students will choose from the “standards” of jazz repertoire, explore the form, structure, and history, with a culminating performance at the Senior Art show. All ages and instruments welcome, some jazz experience recommended, 1 year on instrument required. Solos expected but not required. (period 1) Instructor Tim DeSimone
  • R&B Band- New this year! Students will explore and perform big band charts. Ensemble will choose repertoire, learn to transcribe by ear, and read sheet music as well. All ages and instruments welcome, 1 year on instrument required. (period 2) Instructor Tim DeSimone
  • Improv through Music- New this year! develop improvised skits, using musical instruments instead of words. Figure out how to communicate and improvise through music... great for comedians, musicians, and anyone who likes to get creative! (period 3) Instructor Carl Ferm
  • Drum Circle- New this year! Learn about and perform percussive works and styles in a group environment. Campers will construct drums, study patterns and rhythms, and learn to play as a group. All ages and experience welcome. (period 4) Instructor Tim DeSimone
  • Musical Independent Study- New this year! Campers interested in pursuing an independent project or performance will work on research, practice, and a final performance/presentation of their instrument or topic. All ideas welcome! Will be advised by a counselor, and is recommended for older, mature campers capable of working independently. (grades 7-10 only/period 5) Instructor Tim DeSimone
  • SFOA’cappella - Always a crowd favorite at Finale! Sing in tight harmony, learn basic vocal percussion techniques, and let the varied song styles keep you singing! (period 5) Instructor Hayden Kline


Ready for your 15 minutes of fame? Enjoy the glare of the spotlight in your eyes? Then theater classes are where it’s at! Put on a full show in Musical Theater, hone your improvisational skills, or stage an epic battle in LARPing... there’s something for everyone!

  • Improvisational Theatre- In the realm of "Improv Acadia" and "Whose Line is it Anyway?" you will learn games and scenes that support you thinking on your feet with a Chicago improviser. Work as a team, play, express and act faster than your brain can imagine. Be yourself and create! (period 1) Instructor Nicole Cardano
  • Show Choir- Singing, dancing, costumes, set pieces, and more! Come learn what it takes to make a musical into a 15 minute show full of singing and dancing. (period 2) Instructor Hayden Kline
  • Musical Theater- Challenge yourself to put on a complete musical show in only three weeks! This year our performance will be TBA. This performance ends our Finale weekend on a high note, and is always a crowd favorite! *Please note that this class is now a double period. (period 3-4) Instructor Hayden Kline
  • LARPing- So popular we're offering it TWO periods this year! (no, you can't do both) Live Action Role Play…kingdoms, mystery, staged battles...create the story, props, costumes... and then put them into action! Customize a foam sword and prepare for adventure. Colorful duct tape recommended. This class will incorporate time outside! (periods 4 OR 5) Instructor Dylan Billings

Visual Arts

Our visual art classes cover so many different areas that there is sure to be something you love! Stick with your favorites, or try something new. Fabric arts, sculpture, printmaking, body art... there’s something for every art lover!

  • Body Art- An exploration of artistic expression using the body. We will experiment with temporary tattoos, body painting, make-up artistry and movement. (grades 6-10 only/period 1) Instructor Kristin Holley
  • Watercolor- This class will focus on the basic techniques and methods of painting with watercolor. Students will work on painting things like landscapes, abstract shapes and colors, flowers, still lives, people and more. We'll cover a variety of learning activities that will be both fun and helpful! (period 1) Instructors Viera Boudreau and Meghan McDunnah
  • Sculpture with Sticks and Stones . . . and other found materials. Build miniature houses and giant blow-ups of tiny objects. (period 1) Instructor Anna Walker
  • How To Draw 101- New this year! Do you love art, but don't know where to start? Look no further! In this class, you'll learn all the basics of drawing things like objects, people, and even stuff from your own imagination! No matter your skill-set, this class will give you the tools you need to start your artistic adventure! (period 2) Instructor Viera Boudreau
  • Origami for MDI - Always an SFOA favorite! Learn to fold a lobster, a black fly, a pine tree, and many other MDI icons! (period 2) Instructor Anna Walker
  • Fiber, Fiber Everywhere- Learn finger knitting, macrame, and fabric mache. We'll also be weaving and making art with string. (period 3) Instructor Anna Walker
  • Character Design and Development- Do you love drawing your favorite characters? Maybe even coming up with your own? In this class, we'll explore the world of character creation, and come up with all original, unique and sometimes wacky characters! Nothing is off limits! Monsters, mermaids, warriors, or even just regular people - this class will give you the chance to let your creative mind run wild, while also learning new skills! (period 3) Instructor Viera Boudreau
  • Art & Music- New this year! Did you know that you can draw a picture of music? Or do a painting of your favorite song? That’s exactly what we’re going to be doing in this class– Using a variety of materials (paint, collage, crayons, colored pencils, pastels, etc) we will create works of art that represent the different kinds of music that inspire us. These can be pictures of people, places, or things, or they can be totally abstract– there’s no wrong way to be inspired by music! Come to class with some examples of music that you love, and together we’ll explore how to translate your favorite tunes into beautiful works of art! (period 4) Instructor Meghan McDunnah
  • Portraiture- New this year! If your favorite thing to draw is people, this class is the one for you! Here, we'll learn what makes a portrait tick, and how to draw the features of the face! Bring in pictures of you, your friends, your family, your favorite actor, whoever! We'll learn how to draw all sorts of faces (and even how to draw "the other eye"). (period 4) Instructor Viera Boudreau
  • Knitting and Embroidering- New this year! Learn how to knit scarves, blankets, or mittens, as well as embroider flowers, sayings, and much more. In this class, students can choose to knit, embroider, or both to hand craft beautiful treasures. (period 5) Instructor Mary DeSimone
  • Fantasy Drawing & World Building- New this year! Do you love dragons? Elves? Hobbits? Wizards? Fantastical creatures and worlds of all shapes and sizes? If so, this class may just be for you! In Fantasy Drawing & World Building, we will be drawing and designing fabulous fantasy characters, as well as coming up with worlds for them to live in– there is no limit to what we can create in this class! Come to class prepared to draw, imagine, dream, and create! (period 5) Instructor Meghan McDunnah
  • Printmaking MDI - Make one-of-a-kind monoprints, collographs (printing from your collages), and linoleum blocks prints of local MDI sights. (period 5) Instructor Anna Walker

Call us if you have any questions about the class descriptions! We're here to help!