Apprentice Program

The Apprentice Program is a special mentoring experience for students who are entering the 10th grade OR students entering 9th grade if they have been an SFOA student for at least 3 years. This program is for serious artists interested in being considered to become teaching assistants and/or future teaching artists at SFOA. Apprentice class focuses on developing effective teaching strategies, learning how to recognize and diffuse behavior issues, and observing the teaching artist process. A portion of the day will be spent helping maintain the SFOA campus by assisting with housekeeping chores. Apprentices may take one class as a student, continuing to develop their own artistic skills. Apprentices do not pay tuition and receive a $150 stipend. Positions are limited.

Please email if you are interested in applying to be an apprentice. You must also register HERE. Apprentices do not have to pay the $25 deposit.