Teaching Artists


We are proud to introduce our 2020 Virtual Teaching Artists! A mix of youthful energy, experience, and passion for art and teaching, our Teaching Artists are all working artists in their fields. And now that we've gone virtual, we are lucky to feature teachers from across the country!

SFOA is fortunate to welcome teaching artists who are professionals in their fields. Sometimes their schedules change on short notice. As such, our teaching staff is always subject to change.

Jenna Beaulieu is a poet, writer, and photographer who lives in Tremont. Born and raised in Fort Kent, Jenna has been working in the writing field for over 15 years. She published her poetry collection, The Crowded House, in 2011, and is an active member of the Maine writing community. Her recent writing projects include a historical murder mystery play, a museum exhibit about women's suffrage, and a picture book about kinship in nature. (Junior writing)

Rawl Blackett is an actor, theatre major, makeup artist and designer and visual artist. She works in professional theatre and is a largely self taught stage makeup and artistic makeup artist. She taught an SFOA Virtual Art class this spring, and is an SFOA Alum! (Senior theater arts)

Viera Boudreau is a character designer and comic artist living in Maine who has taught at SFOA since 2016. Viera’s pronouns are They/Them and She/Her! She has a degree from Maine College of Art, and is working on creating her own webcomic! She has a passion for drawing characters of all sorts, especially humans, aliens and dragons. Viera has a fish named Aziraphale and a hedgehog named Penelope (Penny for short), and loves to spend her free time listening to BTS and playing Sims when she isn’t drawing. (Senior visual art)

Jessica DeFrenn is a 23 years old living on Swans Island. She is a painting major in her junior year at Maine College of Art in Portland, and taught a Virtual Art class for SFOA this past spring. (Junior visual art)

Neha Gupta has 15 years experience of teaching Art and owns an Art Studio in downtown Stillwater, OK. Neha has a Masters degree in Commercial Arts and background as a Game Designer, and taught a Virtual Art class for SFOA this past spring. (Junior visual art)

Kristin Holley is an educator, skin care specialist and make up artist who is passionate about empowerment and self expression. She holds a masters degree in social work, a minor in theatre arts and has been an aesthetician and make-up artist for 13 years. She also serves on the SFOA Board of Directors. (Senior visual art)

Amanda Kopacz is an artist, yoga teacher, and human with big feelings. In addition to teaching art, yoga, and meditation to other humans with big feelings (both adults and kids), she works as a mentor and is a graduate student in social work. Amanda lives in Florida in a house surrounded by mangroves and land crabs. (Senior yoga)

Meghan McDunnah (they/them, she/her) is an MDI native and 13-summer veteran of SFOA, as a camper, then apprentice, assistant, and teacher! Meghan graduated in 2019 from the Maine College of Art in Portland, Maine, with their Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Illustration, but as a camper at SFOA, they shined the brightest in Musical Theater and Show Choir, and they still have a deep love for theatre and music, and loves to sing, and play guitar, ukulele, and violin. Meghan loves to use her visual art to make people smile, making lots of colorful portraits and sharing ideas. Meghan could not be more excited to be teaching this summer, and hopes to connect with students and cultivate fun and inclusive creative energy for all. (Senior visual art)

Camille Ross is an SFOA alum, former Apprentice, and former Assistant. This will be Camille’s eighth year at SFOA. She is currently at Colby College studying environmental science and computer science. She loves music and teaching Sprite art class and is very excited to be returning to SFOA this summer! (Sprite visual art)

Weslea Sidon is a poet, writer, musician, and educator who has taught at SFOA for over 25 years. She teaches private guitar lessons locally and is a published author. Originally from Brooklyn, she lives in Tremont with her husband and two cats. Weslea is also a long-standing member of the SFOA Board of Directors. (Senior writing, apprentices)

Dezirae Zaman is among the MDI High School graduating class of 2020 with many years experience in performing arts including dance, drama, show choir, choreography, filmmaking and makeup design. Originally a camper at SFOA from age 8 to 14 followed by one year as apprentice and two years as assistant teacher, she is excited to be returning to SFOA as a teacher for the 2020 season. (Senior dance, Junior theater)

Assistants/Apprentices: (subject to change)

Chase Girard

Aidan Scully