SFOA’s mission to keep our program affordable.

We’re able to keep tuition costs as low as possible and maintain a generous scholarship program in part because of volunteer assistance.

Volunteers help get the important behind the scenes work done. Each season we were blessed with between 900 – 1000 volunteer hours. Imagine if we had to pay for all that time!

We ask that every family roll up their sleeves and join us in this rewarding labor.

SFOA families and friends: call us or email us, we will sign you up for just the right job!

Please take a moment to review this job list:

  • Prepare classrooms before session
  • Transport supplies to and/or from campuses
  • Sort supplies before, during or after session
  • Site construction on campus before or after session
  • Lunch - time assistance during session
  • Office/administrative work
  • Off-season fund raising events
  • Final Performance/Presentation help (art show set-up, performances, etc)
  • Clean spaces after camp
  • Publicity/community relations help

The SFOA office will contact you to confirm dates and times. Thanks!

Your help makes a difference!

Thank you!