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2022 Summer Camp

July 5-23

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2022 Camp Schedule of Classes, July 5-23

Period 1, 9-10:15AM


1-Anti-Bias Art
Tracing the history of art as a form of advocacy. This class would look at the positive effect of advocacy art as well as examine how bias can make it into our art curriculums. Goals are to empower young artists to feel in their art and open them to seeing and responding to bias in a constructive way. Teacher: Paige LeDuc

2-Hip to the Hop!
Grab your sneakers and move your hips to the rhythm for an awesome hip hop class! Dancers will be contributing to the dance with their own funky dance moves and song suggestions! Teacher: Isabella Wellman-Webster

3-Manga Illustration
Join us as we create our own characters in the popular manga style! Campers will discover and practice the common characteristics that define these Japanese graphic novels. Campers can create fan art or develop original characters! Teacher: Maggie Murray


1-Join the Circus!
An introduction to the world of circus and what it takes to become a performer. Campers will learn to capture the magic of circus. Perform routines and tricks, engage in new techniques and skills through games and encouraging creative impulses. Get fit and exercise, build self-confidence, improve motor skills, flexibility, and coordination! We will put together a routine to be performed in the Finale.
Teachers: Grace Gershenfeld & Isabelle Peterson

2-Marionette Puppets
Ready to make an elaborate Muppet-like puppet/ how about a hand-sculpted marionette with strings and a full costume? This class is great for young artists who are attentive to detail as we will be working on specific and time-consuming techniques to make beautiful marionettes using every day and found objects. Use the marionettes in storytelling by developing sculpting skills, movement, sewing and imagination.
Teachers: Hilary Chermak

3-The Basics of Live Theater
Welcome to The Basics of Live Theater! In this class, students will learn how to take to the stage with a variety of theater games and skits to hone fundamental theater skills such as projection and stage presence. At the end of the camp, students will be able to display what they have learned with a piece they choose for themselves or - if they're up for a challenge - a short play they would write together, showcasing not only their newly found acting prowess, but their ability to collaborate with others. Teachers: Lew Worrell & Jane Eschholz

Period 2, 10:15-11:30AM


A study of the Japanese art of folding paper into decorative shapes and figures. Teacher: Paige LeDuc

Dust those tap shoes off for a beginner/intermediate course that will build a cohesive routine for the finale! Don't have tap shoes? Hard-soled shoes will work! Teacher: Isabella Wellman-Webster

3-Painting & Drawing Bootcamp
Start drawing or further grow your talent by understanding the creative process of a pro illustrator. You'll feel proud to have a portfolio of your own artwork by the end of camp. Teachers: Hilary Chermak


1-Dance or Choreography?
Which comes first? Campers will utilize unique style of Martha Graham to develop a modern dance number for Finale.
Teachers: Grace Gershenfeld & Maggie Murray

2-Creative Writing for Young People
Unleash your creativity as a writer, while learning the tricks of the trade. You have the freedom to write what you want, but you also gain the discipline of writing craft.

There are no grades, no exams, no wrong answers—just creative writing. This class will help young writers discover and develop their unique voices. The idea is to explore—see with a writer’s eyes, spark ideas to life, gain confidence, and experiment with both fiction and nonfiction. Teachers: Lew Worrell & Isabelle Peterson

3-Fun Ways to Paint!
Come and explore unusual painting methods and out-of-the-box thinking! In this camp, young artists will explore new paint application methods using some fun and non-traditional tools like flyswatters, bouncy balls, and more! Teachers: Jane Eschholz

Period 3, 12-1PM


Make our own paper, sew our own books, make pop up books, accordion books, and play with story structures that fit these forms.
Teacher: Paige LeDuc

2-Stretch & Strengthening Yoga for Fun
A beginner’s course that focuses on breath work and transformative movement. No experience required! Wear comfy clothes that are easy to move in. Teacher: Isabella Wellman-Webster

3-Improvisational Dance
The process of spontaneously creating movement. In this class we will work to grow your personal movement vocabulary and learn how to use those movements in order to create a dance at any moment. We will also look at multiple genres of dance and how to improvise them, including Hip-Hop, Contemporary, Jazz and more. Teacher: Dezirae Zaman

4- Let's Do a Play

Select a 10 minute play, cast it, rehearse it, and perform it. We’ll do as many plays as we can. You can be in more than one. Along the way we’ll do lots of theater games to improve our performance. Teacher: Dan Mills


1-Introduction to Photography
Learn the basics of photography and complete some great Photography projects! We will touch on the basics of planning, framing, making, and even editing your photos. Teachers: Grace Gershenfeld & Lew Worrell

2-Zines, what is it?
Maybe you're already a fan of zines (artist-published small magazines filled with original stories and images). Or maybe you're new to them. Either way, in this class you will explore zines' history and learn to design and assemble your own. At the end of each week, you and the other campers will exchange copies of the zines you'll create, and we'll present a zine's library at the Finale!
Teachers: Maggie Murray & Jane Eschholz

3-Jewelry for Fun
Create fun, colorful and beautiful jewelry you can wear or give as gifts! Experiment with beading and seed-beading.
Teachers: Hilary Chermak & Isabelle Peterson

Period 4, 1-2PM


1-Ashley Bryan, Study of an Artist
This class will build an understanding of how artists shape their lives and careers as artists and drill into the life and career of local artist, Ashley Bryan. We will use his books and works to inspire our own works. Teacher: Paige LeDuc

2-Wander and Write
Take a relaxing walk into the woods with a writing utensil and blank paper! We will find a nook in the woods to be transported through guided meditation or writing prompts — you are welcome to draw, write, dance, or relax in the wilderness! This will also be a space for you to share your creative expression and are welcome to teach the class a new skill. Teacher: Isabella Wellman-Webster

3-Improv Theater
A form of theatre, often comedy, in which most or all of what is performed is unplanned or unscripted. Using exercises and games we will create a comical story on the spot. Learn how to think quickly and build your own characters for the sake of humoring those around you. Teachers: Dezirae Zaman & Maggie Murray


1-Nature Lab and Art
Do you love being outside? Do you like animals, trees and learning about nature and write poetry or journal your observances? Join me for a hike to use nature as your inspiration! Teacher: Grace Gershenfeld

2-Drawing + Painting Studio
Campers in this class will develop an understanding of painting and drawing techniques needed to create masterpieces. Each week focuses on a specific artist or style. Teachers: Jane Eschholz & Isabelle Peterson

3-Painting Basics
Let’s have fun! Explore color, composition and other aspects of painting while creating something new each time you paint!
Teacher: Lew Worrell

Period 5, 2-3PM


1-SFOA Youth Council
Are you passionate about SFOA? This class would seek to generate ideas to improve camp, seek camper feedback, make new banners for the camp, and open an avenue to campers having a role in the SFOA Board. Teacher: Paige LeDuc

2-Papier-mâché (chewed paper)
Learn how to use this composite material (paper or pulp, textiles, adhesive) to sculpt your creations for display at the Finale!
Teachers: Isabella Wellman-Webster & Jane Eschholz

3-Creative Writing through Poetry
Activate your senses and feelings to create through words what you see as a poet. Rhyme and rhythm are only the tip of the poets’ tools. Teacher: Lew Worrell


1-Young Actors Theatre
Our focus is on learning basic acting techniques through interactive fairy tales. We practice confidence by saying lines loudly, creativity by learning how to be in character, and discipline by working on staying focused and engaged. This class will develop a short performance for family and friends at Finale. Campers will develop confidence by making bold choices onstage, creativity by learning how to build a character that is different than we, and discipline by running the material. Teachers: Grace Gershenfeld & Isabelle Peterson

2-Sketching for Fun!
Learn to draw from direction and your imagination in a fun, laid-back setting. Teacher: Maggie Murray

3-Sing Out!
"Sing out!" is an expressive music class where kids will find fun and education mixed in a lively setting. They'll get to sing along to their favorite songs, learn general information about musical instruments, and practice listening with each other, the same way musicians do on stage. From practicing breathing, to just plain being silly, it's a great way for kids of any age to get a little balance, harmony, and music into their day. Teacher: Nick Roberts

SFOA is an all-arts intensive festival for kids entering grades 1 through 8 which offers classes in:

  • visual arts

  • traditional crafts

  • music

  • dance

  • creative writing

  • theater

  • film-making

  • and more...

As it has for the past 44 seasons, Summer Festival of the Arts - SFOA - on Mount Desert Island, once again presents a variety of arts experiences for young people- virtually when needed, in person when possible!

Most of our participants live on Mount Desert Island year-round, but we also have many summer visitors from across the state of Maine and beyond. SFOA encourages community and cooperation among all of our students and their families, our teachers and staff, and the greater artistic community of MDI and surrounding areas.

The all of our programs culminate in a Finale performances and presentations that provide young artists an opportunity to perform, present or display their creativity.

Artists, whose common goal is to inspire the imagination and have fun, teach the classes!

SFOA is a non-profit organization supported by tuition and donations from generous individuals, local businesses and foundations. We need your support now more than ever. Please consider a donation.