About SFOA

Celebrating 44 Years of SFOA!

People of Summer Festival of the Arts

Our 2022 Administrative Staff

  • Alex Newell Taylor, Executive Director

  • Tina Mahern, Camp Director

  • Tami Chessa, Interim Camp Director

  • Weslea Sidon, Staff and Student Coordinator, Apprentice Coordinator

  • Kirsten Richards, Assistant to the Director

  • Sam Robinson, Bookkeeper

Board of Directors

  • Tennille Clemens Moore, President

  • Matthew Hochman, Treasurer

  • Caresse Hanson, Secretary

  • Kerrie Bond-MacInnes

  • Angel Hochman

  • Kristin Holley

  • Paige LeDuc

  • Max Mason

  • Jacques H. Newell Taylor

  • Weslea Sidon

The mission of SFOA is to:

  • encourage a community of artists of all ages, where children can express themselves creatively through a wide range of artistic endeavors,

  • gain a lifelong appreciation for the diversity of the creative spirit,

  • and celebrate that creativity through the performing and non-performing arts

Our Goals are to:

  • broaden young people's knowledge of the basic elements of the arts

  • cultivate skills in a variety of art forms

  • complement existing educational experiences by providing enriched arts explorations that will stimulate continuing artistic growth

  • introduce students to professional artists from around the globe

  • create a sense of unity among young people on Mount Desert Island and communities beyond

  • provide a learning environment for prospective educators through our apprentice program