$43 for 43

Want an easy way to support SFOA? 

Contribute to our "$43 for 43 Years" Campaign!


For less than the price of dinner at a restaurant, you can be a part of this historic campaign! For 43 years, SFOA has been providing quality arts education to the young people of Mount Desert Island. To honor this legacy, our goal is to have 1000 people donate $43 each!

Can you help us reach this audacious goal?? 

Click here to donate $43 to celebrate 43 years!

Check out this video made by the 2015 Documentary Filmmaking class, to see why what we do is so important:

The money we raise through donations supports SFOA on every level. From scholarships to teacher salaries to supplies to rent payments to planning for the future, every gift makes a difference.

Summer Festival of the Arts is unlike any other program on Mount Desert Island

Each summer we bring together an average of 40 teaching artists, 20 assistants and over 100 children to create imaginative artistic experiences that reach far beyond the walls of Conners Emerson School.

As you can imagine, the cost of running SFOA increases every year. However, instead of passing our increased costs on to families through tuition increases, SFOA is determined to keep our program affordable by raising more money to bridge the gap.


How you can help: