Virtual Art Classes

SFOA is excited to offer FREE virtual art classes while local schools are on hiatus for public health reasons.

PLEASE NOTE: to keep our classes secure, we now require pre-registration. You only need to register for each class once, and then you can attend it each week.

Click the links below to register for the classes. The link to join will then be emailed to you.

Mondays 2pm - 2:30pm: "Drawing with Mrs. G" with Neha Gupta

Open to ages 6-13 years old

Learn to draw flowers. This class is an introductory drawing lesson for ages 6 to 13 years old. We will cover the basic technique of drawing flowers and foliage.

Materials needed: Pencil, eraser, and paper

About the teaching artist: Neha Gupta has 15 years experience of teaching Art and owns an Art Studio in downtown Stillwater ,OK. Neha has a Masters degree in Commercial Arts and background as a Game Designer.


*This class will repeat weekly at this time as long as schools are closed*

Mondays 4:30pm - 5:15pm: Origami Fun with Irene Choi **NEW TIME**

Open to all ages!

Learn how to make origami animals, plants, and more! For people of all levels and experience.

Materials needed: Paper (origami paper, construction paper, printer paper, any kind of paper is fine)

About the teaching artist: Irene is an SFOA alum and MDIHS graduate and current student at the University of Vermont, in the College of Arts and Sciences. She has experience in both jazz and classical music and all areas of the visual arts, including painting, drawing, origami, and more.


*This class will repeat weekly at this time as long as schools are closed*

Tuesdays 2pm - 3pm: Make Up Art & Design with Rawl Blackett

Open to ages 10 +

This class will focus on basic makeup techniques. Stage makeup and Makeup/Body art, as well as illusion techniques, basics of design and some FX techniques.

Materials needed: Eyeliner, foundations, eyeshadows (preferably in as wide a range of colors as possible), contour pallet, some form of face paint. Mascara, brow pencils, etc are optional (Most other products can be substituted with other items.) Corn syrup and food coloring. Brushes.

About the teaching artist: Rawl Blackett is an actor, theatre major, makeup artist and designer and visual artist. She works in professional theatre and is a largely self taught stage makeup and artistic makeup artist.

*This class will repeat weekly at this time as long as schools are closed*

Wednesdays 2pm - 2:45pm: Nature and Budget Friendly Art with Jessica DeFrenn

Open to ages 4 - 7 years old

In this class you will do collage with nature (leaves, pebbles, etc) along with things you can find in your home such as paper, crayons, tape, and cardboard.

Materials needed: Nature based items such as leaves, pebbles , bark. Paper, cardboard leftovers , cereal boxes, potentially paint if you have it , otherwise crayons work as well. These are budget friendly and can be worked around.

About the teaching artist: Jessica is a 23 years old living on Swans Island. She is a painting major in her junior year at Maine College of Art in Portland.

*This class will repeat weekly at this time as long as schools are closed*

Thursdays 4pm - 5m: Hip Hop Dance with Dezirae Zaman

Open to ages 10+

Have fun and get yourself moving with an hour long dance class based around the style of hip hop. You will walk away from this class with a small dance combination to show those at home. The focus will be on fun for all levels.

Materials needed: A large enough space and suitable clothing for significant movement.

About the teaching artist: Dezirae Zaman is among the MDI High School graduating class of 2020 with many years experience in performing arts including dance, drama, show choir, choreography and makeup design. Originally a camper at SFOA from age 8 to 14 followed by one year as apprentice and two years as assistant teacher, she is excited to be returning to SFOA as a teacher for the 2020 season.

*This class will repeat weekly at this time as long as schools are closed*

Fridays 3pm - 3:30pm: Creative Movement / Storytelling with Mélissa Smith ** NEW TIME **

Open to ages 4-12 years old

Mélissa will lead movements and give creative prompts for movements to get the body and imagination flowing.

Materials needed: none! Just your body and some space to move in.

About the teaching artist: Mélissa is a Brooklyn based Teaching Artist with a decade of experience leading workshops in physical theater, clown and creative movement. She has worked with a wide range of ages and communities around the US and abroad.

*This class will repeat weekly at this time as long as schools are closed*

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