Summer 2020 virtual festival

SFOA is excited to offer our first ever VIRTUAL FESTIVAL for Summer 2020!

We have no doubt this festival will continue to showcase all that SFOA has always stood for: the celebration of the creative spirit, a community of artists of all ages, and a place where dreamers can gather.


How does it work?

  • Class Schedule:

    • 9am - 10am

    • 12pm - 1pm

    • 3pm - 4pm

  • Classes run July 6 - 24, and will meet Mondays - Thursdays, with independent study projects to be completed on Fridays

  • The Virtual Festival will culminate with a Grand Finale and Art Show on Saturday, July 25

  • Classes will utilize Zoom. You will need a high-speed internet connection. You can download Zoom here

  • All classes will be recorded and can be watched at your convenience if you cannot make it every day!

  • See additional FAQ below for more details!

what is the cost?

  • $100 for one class (a class meets 12 times)

  • $200 for two classes

  • $250 for three classes

  • 50% discount for additional students in same household

  • $25 administrative fee per student

What are the classes?


(for young artists entering grades 1-4)

Period 1 (9am - 10am)

No classes

Period 2 (12pm - 1pm)

"Ahoy Summer" with Jessica DeFrenn

This class will explore using air dry clay to make our own pirate ship- as well as a weather treasure map to go with it! We will also be doing other fun activities such as making a mermaid painting/sculpture, and our very own parrot out of clay.


"Improv Theater" with Dezirae Zaman

Improv is a form of theatre, often comedy, in which most or all of what is performed is unplanned or unscripted. We will use exercises and games to create a comical story on the spot. Learn how to think quickly and build your own characters for the sake of humoring those around you.

Period 3 (3pm - 4pm)

"Learn to Draw" with Neha Gupta

In this class, you will learn to draw flowers and foliage, mythical creatures, and cartoons! Week 1 will introduce campers to visual techniques that make drawing flowers rewarding and fun. Discover ways to draw flowers by establishing the underlying structure in a progression of order approach from floral still life. We will focus on a new drawing each day using various mediums. In Week 2, students will learn to draw an imaginary creature each day and get inspired to create their own. And in Week 3, young artists will learn to draw body proportions and basics of creating a cartoon character.


"Mixed-Media Art" with Camille Ross

We will be using all sorts of materials to make fun crafts! We will give new life to materials that would have otherwise been thrown away or recycled. This will include things like crafting creatures out of paper towel tubes, constructing dioramas out of boxes, and creating flower vases out of old plastic bottles.


(for young artists entering grades 5-9)

Period 1 (9am - 10am)

"Ready, Set, Watercolor" with Meghan McDunnah

Watercolor painting is a perfect way to get your creativity flowing! In this class we will be covering the basics of watercolor, as well as diving in to a variety of exciting and more advanced techniques, subject matters, and styles, including combining watercolor with crayons and colored pencils to create more dynamic works of art! This class will be positively dripping with fun and imagination, so grab a brush, some paint, paper, and water, and let’s see what beautiful paintings we can create!


"Sketchbook" with Kristin Holley

Learn to keep a beautiful unique personal sketchbook. With pencils, markers, a dash of paint, scraps, photos, and even a wildflower or two, you can combine collage with drawing and more to make a wonderful record of your art and your thoughts. Keeping a sketchbook is a great way to practice art in your daily life and this class will get you hooked on this fun creative habit!


"Hip Hop" with Dezirae Zaman

Have fun and get yourself moving with an hour long dance class based around the style of hip hop. You will walk away from this class with a small dance combination to show those at home. The focus will be on fun for all levels. This class will also include elements of Improv dance, where we will work to grow your personal movement vocabulary and learn how to use those movements in order to create a dance at any moment.

Period 2 (12pm - 1pm)

"Zines, Zines, Zines" with Meghan McDunnah

What in the world is a zine, you ask? A zine (named for a shortened version of the word ‘magazine’) is a tiny paper book that you can make about anything you’d like– your zine could be full of drawings, comics, poetry, photos, thoughts, feelings, jokes– anything! Zines can be a great way to express ourselves, whether it be with words, images, or a combination of the two. Zines can be silly, serious, just for fun, or for communicating important ideas. Whether you like to write, draw, do collage, doodle, or dream, I have a feeling you’d love making zines. Join us!


"Face to Face" with Rawl Blackett

Do you love to express yourself through your look? Are you an artist looking for a new type of canvas? Are you a performer looking to up your game? Then this class is for you. We’ll focus on learning basic makeup techniques for both on the streets and on stage, as well as special Fx and illusion makeup. You’ll learn all sorts of tips and tricks, and be able to get started on your own makeup kit.


"Writing from the Inside Out" with Weslea Sidon

Let your dreams and fantasies speak! Poetry, fiction or essay—any form you want your words to take. There will be little sharing if you want to, and lots of time to explore.


"Character Design" with Viera Boudreau

Ever wonder where your favorite characters get their iconic looks? Ever wonder how characters like Black Panther, She-Ra, or even the villagers from Animal Crossing went from someone’s head to the screen in front of you? In this class, we’ll talk all about the process of designing and customizing characters that could fit in any story, world, or universe that you can imagine! Mermaids, Orcs, Elves, or just plain old humans! We’ll learn how all those artists at Disney work their magic, and work some magic of our own! All you need to bring to class is some paper, drawing utensils, and an open mind! (P.S. Yes, we’ll get to draw a little fanart!)

Period 3 (3pm - 4pm)

"Creative Pen Pal Power Hour" with Meghan McDunnah

I know a lot of us are wishing we could visit and play with our friends like we normally would in the summer. It’s hard having to be apart. But this is a great opportunity to try new ways of staying in touch with the people we love, so in this class, we’re going to be learning how to be a top-notch pen pal! Each week, we’ll be working on a creative letter/care package to send in the mail to somebody we don’t get to see all the time– it could be for a friend, a cousin, a grandparent, a teacher, etc. We’ll be making drawings and crafts to include with our letters, decorating the envelopes, and brainstorming what sort of things we can write to our pen pals about. If you’d like to try sending some smiles through snail-mail, we’re gonna be doing just that!


"Senior Yoga" with Amanda Kopacz

This class explores the full practice of yoga, including movement/physical practice as well as a variety of mindfulness exercises, meditation, breathing techniques, journaling, and a healthy dose of fun.

registration NOW OPEN!

FREQUEntly asked questions

How often do classes meet?

A class will meet 12 times over the course of three weeks: on July 6, 7, 8, 9, 13, 14, 15, 16, 20, 21, 22, and 23.

Am I paying $100 for each of those 12 classes?

No! Your first class is $100 for all 12 days. Taking two classes costs $200, and three classes costs $250. The more you take, the less you pay!

Can I attend just one week?

No. SFOA is an arts intensive experience that provides a unique immersion experience in a variety of artistic media. Many classes work towards a final project, performance, or presentation. Therefore, we do not enroll on a weekly basis; young artists should plan on attending all three weeks.

Do I need to register multiple young artists who will be signing in using the same computer?

Yes. Keeping a low student to teacher ratio is important to us. We need to know how many students will be in each class, so we can staff it accordingly, and we need to make sure they get enough supplies for the projects. However, please note that we do offer a 50% discount for additional students within one household.

Do I need to buy my own art supplies?

No! We will be putting together supply kits, which we will distribute using contactless pick up, before camp starts.

What happens if my young artist misses a class?

All classes will be recorded, for you to watch at your convenience, if you happen to miss a day. We do, of course, prefer that they be on the live class whenever possible, so the teaching artist can answer questions and give valuable instruction.

It's summer and my child is sick of sitting behind a computer! Why are you suggesting this?

We completely understand that virtual classes need to be done in moderation, especially in summer! That is why we have spaced the classes out throughout the day, so your young artist has time to get fresh air and sunshine between classes. We are also only meeting Mondays - Thursdays, to allow for more time away from the computer. Teaching artists will assign independent study projects for young artists to complete on their own on Fridays. Additionally, certain classes will not require sitting at the computer the whole hour- young artists can find a quiet place to sit to work on their art or writing, while their teacher remains online and available to answer questions.

What platform are you using?

All classes will take place on Zoom. After registering and paying, you will receive an email with your unique link to join each class. Zoom is best used on your computer, through the Zoom program/application. You can download Zoom here.

Is Zoom secure?

Our Zoom classes will not be open to the public in any way. The only people able to access the classes will be people who have pre-registered. For this reason, we ask that you do not share your unique links with anyone. Our staff will be trained to utilize all best practices to monitor and maintain security during the classes.

What happens if my internet goes down?

All classes will be recorded; if you miss a class due to technical difficulties, just let us know and we will send you a recording to watch at your convenience!

Will all classes definitely run?

Unfortunately, we will not be able to hold a class if we get less than 5 registrations. We will let you know ASAP if you have registered for a class that does not run due to low registration numbers. You can switch to a different class that period, or get a refund.

Is there a chance I won't get my first-choice class?

No! Unlike with our in-person program, we will not have class size limits, so you don't need to worry about not getting into your favorite classes.

What is that $25 administrative fee all about?

This small additional flat fee per student allows us to hire administrative support staff, purchase supplies, and cover additional administrative expenses.

Will there be a Finale?

Yes! We are still figuring out the details, but we will have a Finale weekend just like we always do!

Do I have to live in the MDI area to participate?

No! All are welcome at the SFOA Virtual Art Festival! Invite your friends from far and wide!